From day one of our work since 2010, "Go Interactive" has been standing firm with Ukraine and has dedicated itself to developing IT talents.

It is unimaginable to be grateful enough to each of our clients for their determination to support Ukraine and continuing cooperation with us.

Focusing primarily on the safety of our employees as a top priority and managing the operational risks related to war, we have assisted our staff in relocating to Western regions and neighboring countries.

"Go Interactive" represents a commitment to help Western companies hire Ukrainian specialists remotely with minimal business risks in these challenging times and beyond.

We are deeply grateful to the world for military, economic, and humanitarian assistance. Support Ukrainian business. Have faith in our people. Stand with Ukraine!

Go Interactive, 2024

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Hire dedicated development team in Ukraine Hire team in Ukraine

We do Recruiting, HR, and Payroll for your Offshore Team in Ukraine

Or We provide you with ready-to-operate experienced software developers on a fee-for-service basis
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dedicated remote team in Ukraine
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we recruit professionals for your team
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Reasons to contract Go Interactive

What makes hiring Ukrainian developers with us a prudent investment in 2024 and beyond

  • An efficient Employee Retention Program is our superpower
  • All-time Progress Tracking and your complete control over a remote team.
  • Support from HR, Recruitment, Administration, Information Security, Legal, IT departments.
  • Payroll Management Services for your team in Ukraine.
remote dedicated development team in Ukraine
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What our clients say

A few words from enterpreneurs who have entrusted their dream to 'Go Interactive'
"We had very high requirements because of a complex product"
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Satadru Sengupta
Founder / CEO at Halos Insurance
"Go Interactive helped us to grow a really skilled and smart engineering team here in Kyiv that would not be possible trying to hire in the USA in Boston"
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Kyle Silberbauer
CEO of Atiim Inc.
''I've been working with Go Interactive for about three years now, and I can truly say that I have enjoyed all my experiences with them so far''
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Jaime Lyons
Vice President of Operations at BriteNites
We are extremely satisfied with the great scope of work ‘Go Interactive’ has done in recruiting a large team of super-talented developers for us and setting up our office in Kyiv, Ukraine. They go the extra mile in everything they do, cultivate very high professional standards, and have proven to be a very reliable business partner when you need to organize a remote dedicated development team in Ukraine.
Jeremy achin, CEO and Co-Founder of DataRobot
Jeremy Achin
CEO and Co-Founder of DataRobot - Boston, Massachusetts, US.
We started our partnership with Go Interactive at a time when we needed to rapidly scale up our development team to meet the growing demand. They provided us with a very high level of service. We received the capacity to hire a team in Ukraine: highly qualified candidates and quickly succeeded in building a strong dedicated team in Kyiv.
Phil Woodward, Steer73
Phil Woodward
Managing Director at Steer73 - London, UK
We have been working with ‘Go Interactive’ in the course of the latter few years. They have become an integral part of our team. After numerous unpleasant issues with some other companies, we made the switch to the partnership with ‘Go interactive’ and since then it has been a great business relationship and still is. They are the first to fulfill our business ideas.
Chris Myer, CEO at Myer Hospitality, Branson, Missouri, US.
Chris Myer
CEO at Myer Hospitality - Branson, Missouri, US.